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Best practice: Carin Wester 10 years

Once in a while when we see good branding/marketing examples, we want to share them as an inspiration for us, clients and readers of our blog. This time we focus on the 10th anniversary campaign of Swedish fashion label Carin Wester. For her anniversary she recently introduced a line with the most popular pieces from previous collections reinterpreted in modern.

Carin Wester: “We wanted to not only re-produce previous collections, but also give the products a new expression that fits 2014. We have updated both designs, materials, colors, and created new details to show the strength of the brand and its timeless design”. (Freshnet, October 2014).

Carin’s aim is to design modern classics in inspiring prints and delicate fabrics. The collections of Carin Wester can be typified as simple, clean and edgy. What’s admirable is that she is able to stay ahead of trends thus capturing the innovative and early adopter consumer market. We are a big fan and our favorite design, the Reva jacket, is also part of the anniversary collection.

Carin Wester graduated in 1998, from Beckman’s School of Design and started short thereafter to work as a designer for the brand Paul & Friends. During eight seasons, she designed the women’s line, until she started her own brand Carin Wester in 2003. Since the launch of the brand, Carin has been nominated for the Nöjesguidens fashion award (2004) and achieved the prize as newcomer of the year by Elle (2004) for her design. Carin was also nominated for ‘the Designer of the year’ by Elle (2005) and as Entrepreneur of the year 2008 by Ernst & Young. In August 2009, she won the prestigious prize “Guldknappen” from the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld. 

From a marketing/branding perspective the strategy behind this anniversary collection is a very good way to strengthen a brands’ position. Perfectly capturing a relevant moment and creating buzz around the brand.


    • The message (10th anniversary) is honest, positive and happy and this instantly means people (read consumers) want to know more;
    • The fact that the brand is celebrating a 10th anniversary confirms that it has gained a relevant position in the market over the years, attributing to the brands’ legacy;
    • The strong position in the market is reinforced by the introduction of a collection with the ‘best’ designs of the brand, confirming the brand has done well and reinforcing its brand philosophy: the ability to create real classics;
    • In terms of sales and conversion: the collection attracts the brands’ loyal customers wanting and craving for new interpretations of their favourite items. But is also likely to reach a new set of curious customers who want to know more about this brand that exists 10 years and has had successful designs in the market. Thus, persuading the more ‘insecure’ type of customers who need confirmation if a brand is ‘good’ for them.

Carin Wester gets the most out of her 10th anniversary in an honest, relevant, strong and positive way, setting a right example we can all learn from.

Visit the Carin Wester website to see the whole anniversary collection.

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