At Fourteen we help brands to move forward

What’s our proposition?

‘One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.’ – Diogenes

With our open view to change and the courage to think across borders, our mission is to help brands move forward and conquer the world.

The world around us is changing constantly and ‘the new’ has an impact on the way we do things, certainly if we want to stay ahead of the game. At Fourteen we are inspired by trends and new developments. It is in our DNA. We embrace it and always ask ourselves how we can take the fullest advantage of it in our own lives, but first and formost in the marketing of the brands we work for.

We are not afraid to cross borders and we gladly step out of comfort zones, always striving to formulate the best solutions for the challenges we are given. Ultimately leading to more -of the right- customers and profit.


What do we offer?

The plan

We provide the solution for any marketing/branding related business challenge.

This may include a marketing, (re)positioning and imagebuilding plan based on company values, brand DNA and ambitions.

Getting things done

Sometimes you just want to get things done by someone with the right know-how and experience.

We make projectplans, brief creative partners, negotiate if needed with suppliers, manage projectteams and deliver the end result within time and budget.

Knowledge building

We give presentations and workshops about (lifestyle) branding and marketing.

Thus, we give insight in how to market products and services in this era of influencer marketing and social media.

Who is Fourteen?

‘Getting inspired by music, culture, city life, design and art is like breathing to me. The fresh air of new cool things gives me the energy to move forward personally, but also professionally. Fourteen gives me the opportunity to channel this energy and to successfully help build strong brands. The number fourteen is my day of birth, my lucky number and the year I started my company. It is the vehicle to achieve my goals and live my dream.”

With an academic background in Strategic Marketing Management (Business Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam) Niem Tewarie MSc is the driving force behind Fourteen, and founded the company in 2014. After 15 years of working for different companies in the likes of Orange, the City of Rotterdam and FHV/BBDO in marketing related positions she decided to start her own venture.




What can we do for you?

We simply create the right plan and get the things done -with the people involved internally and externally- to help your brand flourish and grow. For execution, if needed, we have a broad network of creatives varying from graphic designers and artists to photographers and film makers.

We only work for clients with a positive attitude and with an open view to out of the box problem solving.

Our clients about working with us:

‘The passion and interest for the fashion market combined with project management skills and a relevant network, make Fourteen the ideal partner for your company.’  (commercial director Men at Work and general manager of fashion label Ontour, 2015)

‘This plan fits precisely in the complex organisation of BIRD and it will certainly help us to grow in the future.’ (managing director Bird Rotterdam, 2014)



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