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Fourteen x Los Bangeles: Hunting and Collecting

In the feature ‘brands & trends’ we periodically interview the people behind inspiring design/fashion and lifestyle brands about how they build their success, as an inspiration for us and for everyone else in the field.

Once in a while, we team up with lifestyle blog Los Bangeles, to deliver an even fuller story. This month we worked together to deliver the story of Bruxelles based concept store Hunting and Collecting. Hunting and Collecting’s proposition is unique: it is a place where fashion, lifestyle and A-list events come together in harmony. We talked to founders Aude Gribomont en Niels Radtke about their philosophy, the way they select their brands an products, their view on retail and concept stores in general and about which factors contributed to their success. They also gave away their tip to starting entrepreneurs in retail.

Read the whole interview here with beautiful photos by Bruxelles based photographer Maxime Fauconnier.


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